Monday, June 7, 2010

Why it Works

Today was a perfect example of why this lifestyle works for me. Due to health problems stress takes a toll on me physically even though I have a high stress tolerance level. Currently, I live with my Master yet, due to circumstance, we knew I had to find my own place. My apartment was supposed to be ready for the first of the month and it wasn't. Today is the seventh and I was told it would be done and I went to look at it and it still wasn't ready. I became stressed, anxious and upset. I started crying on the way home because I don't like, or understand, the need for people to try and take advantage of me. Maybe they sense my submissive nature and then try to pressure me into situations I don't want to be in. This is where my Master comes in. He goes into full dominance mode in these situations and becomes very protective and caring of me. He said when I become overwhelmed he will take over and handle this for me. If push comes to shove we will come up with another solution. I told him I knew I was overwhelmed because I was having an anxiety attack. Now it is in Master's hands and he will deal with the situation. I am able to be calmer and feel like I will have been dealt with fairly. This to me was a fine example of the Master/slave relationship and how when I take care of my Master's needs, he takes care of and protects me from those people and situations that would take advantage of my submissive nature.

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