Sunday, June 6, 2010


My genesis was in a strictly religious home. I was given responsibility at a young age. My religion of origin was hierarchical with the man of the head of the house and the woman as the submissive who served her husband, raised her children, and took care of the home. I suppose it was a combination of the early responsibility and the religion that made me predisposed to eventually becoming, and enjoying, the life of servitude as a slave to my Master. The difference is this time I chose the servitude and it did not choose me. My pleasure is derived from his happiness and in return he protects and cares for me.
When I first met my Master it started as a friendship and we met through a common friend. At first we did not live in the same town and we talked everyday. Within a year I would move to where he was at and find my own place. We wanted to take things slowly. Then one day we started researching events in the area so we could go out for our first date. We found a nightclub with a fetish night and decided we would like to attend. We had toyed with BSDM in our conversations but never considered it as a lifestyle. After attending the event on Friday night we knew it was the lifestyle we would adhere too. We had assumed a Master/slave position long before realizing that is what we were doing. This is our story of the BDSM lifestyle and how it works for us.

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